Provider Network FAQs

1. Which provider networks are offered to group plans administered by NCAS?

A: The network(s) a member has access to is determined by the employer. A list of all networks that NCAS can offer are listed on the Provider Networks page.

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2. How do I know which network(s) my plan includes?

A: The provider network that you can access is displayed on your NCAS member ID card. You can also call NCAS Customer Service at the phone number located on the back of your ID card or you may contact your Human Resources Representative.

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3. Where do I look up doctors on the Web?

A: You can search for a provider from the Provider Networks page.

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4. How do I know which provider network listing applies to me and my dependents?

A: Your provider network is listed on your NCAS member ID card. It is important to verify that your doctor is in one of the selected provider network. Please confirm with your current doctor that he/she participates in the network. Showing your ID card at the time of the visit is an easy way to confirm participation. If choosing a new doctor, you may use the NCAS Provider Networks listing to select a provider from the network selected by your employer.   You may also call the NCAS customer service number listed on the back of your ID card from 8:30 am through 7:00 pm Monday through Thursday and 8:30 am through 5:00 pm on Friday.

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5. If my doctor refers me to another doctor who does not participate with the Preferred Provider Organization (PPN/PPO) or the Select Preferred Provider (PPO) network, will my claim still be paid as in-network?

A: While some employer groups may have exceptions written in their plan documents, a doctor must be in one of the networks offered by your plan. It is the member’s responsibility to confirm that any doctor who provides direct patient care participates in the network.

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