Quality Service with Maximum Options

Today’s employer-sponsored benefits environment demands knowledge, quality and a broad range of options to meet the ever-changing needs of your client. Self-funded plans are becoming an attractive option for a broader number of employers seeking an alternative to fully insured products. It is important to work with a third-party administrator (TPA) with a strong history and enough knowledge and flexibility to meet demands and expectations of both new and current clients. NCAS offers all of this and more.
NCAS is an industry leader in self-funded employee benefit plan administration services. We have been providing customer-centric, quality benefit administration services for over 30 years. As a third-party administrator, NCAS gives our employer groups the freedom to design products with high levels of customization and competitive pricing. We specialize in identifying and contracting with national, regional and local PPO networks for our clients with employees throughout the United States. ;
Based out of Baltimore, Maryland, we offer employer groups the best of two worlds—the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of a locally operated TPA combined with the backing and innovation of a national organization. Providing the latest claims and processing technology, experienced service professionals and a commitment to quality, NCAS continues to build on its proven record of successful claims payment and administrative services satisfaction.
NCAS works diligently to provide our clients with the most economical solutions to meet their health care plan needs. We understand the importance of keeping costs down while offering innovative tools and benefits to enhance both the employer and participant experience. NCAS will partner with you to develop a customized program that offers the best platform within your client’s budget. .
Our client-focused approach to benefit administration means we customize our administrative services to each organization’s needs. With personalized attention and flexible technology, we enable employers to design and manage a self-insured health plan to meet their employees’ needs and their company’s budget. Services available include:
  • Account Management
  • Claims Processing
  • Customer Service
  • Enrollment and ID Card Services
  • Billing and Finance
  • Medical Management Services
  • Benefits Administrator Online Web Portal
  • Wellness Services
  • Stop Loss Marketing and Management
  • Consumer Directed Health Plans and Flexible Spending Accounts
  • Reporting and Data Analytics
  • Pharmacy Benefit Management
  • Compliance Support
  • COBRA and HIPAA Administration
Each broker and client is assigned a dedicated account manager and a service team of professionals to ensure that benefit selection and administrative support occur smoothly and accurately. This team works with you and your client on an ongoing basis to keep employees satisfied and claims paid and funded accurately and timely.
If you represent current NCAS clients, you may already have access to the “My NCAS Account.” You can log in to your “My NCAS Account” through the link provided on this page or work directly with your NCAS Account Manager to obtain online access.
NCAS values the privilege to work with you. If you are a broker and are interested in more information about our organization, please contact Dawn Alms, 410-528-2219, dawn.alms@ncas.com.